9 Dot Cutters


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These handsome and unique spurs are based on the Marfa shank design from back in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  This design was created by a ranch hand black smith working in the area of Marfa, Texas one of the great cattle areas and was later copied by the larger spur making companies of that time.  These spurs are constructed of high carbon steel and and are riveted together not welded therefore they retain their hardness and have a very distinct ring when being used.  The outside of the heel band and shank are decorated with nine nickel silver dots that are also riveted to the heel bank.  The only heat applied was on the shank where the remaining dots are placed.   These dots are soldered using a low temperature solder to keep from ruining the clear bell sound of the rowel as it jingles in the shank.  The rowel is a twenty point high carbon steel rowel that is hand filed and fitted to the shank.  The overall finish of the spurs and nickel silver is a high polish to make them sparkle when sitting in the display case or when worn on the outside of your boots.  These spurs offer a unique designed heel band offering great eye appeal and the three sixteenths thickness offers years of service.  The swing hangers are attached to slots cut into the heel band and have nickel silver button covers to match and enhance the nine dot design.  The rise of the shank makes these spurs a great pair to use in cutting or general ranch work.  The larger gentle rowels are less abusive to your horse than the smaller rowels often found in working spurs.  As you nudge your mount along with these spurs you will be offering commands without inflicting pain or rising marking your horse.


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