Damascus Mustache Spurs


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The unique design of the heel band has the appearance of a man’s mustache making them stand out as a one of a kind pair of spurs.  Made from hand forged high carbon steel and nickel this Damascus has a unique pattern creating a striking pair of spurs durable enough to wear every day or in the show ring.   This pair of spurs features a five point clover leaf rowel mounted in a fancy figure eight shaped shank.  This pair of spurs is  mounted with a 14 kt gold rowel pin cover as well as a sterling silver spur strap button mount  with a 14 kt gold diamond over lay.  The Damascus pattern is bold and stands out on both the heel band and shank.  The heel band opening is set at three and one quarter inches to fit the average man’s foot.  They can be opened or closed as needed to make them a perfect fit for you boot.  The heel band thickness is 3/16 inch making a durable spur but a spur that feels comfortable on your boot.  The shank is seven sixteenths inch thick allowing ample room for the one eighth inch rowel to spin freely.  These spurs are designed for the working cowboy or the arena cowboy looking for the best of gear.   The spurs have a natural etched finish to show off the beauty of the patterns in the steel and nickel layers of metal as the fabricator intended for them to appear during foraging.    This finish gives the rowels a nice grey appearance which blends well with the steel layers of the Damascus pattern.   This is a one of a kind pair of spurs that cannot and will not be duplicated in the future.  Once these are gone there will not be another pair to match them.


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