September Spur and Buckle Making School

appling basic engraving techniques to spursOnce a student feels comfortable with their ability to engrave they apply the engraving to their spurs.  The patterns are kept simple, they are given instructions and assistance as they apply the engraving.

grinding shanksWorking from a pattern created by the student the shanks are rough cut on the band saw and then given the final shape with the belt grinder and files.
learning basic engraving techniquesAll students want to embellish their projects with some type of engraving. Engraving is an art and is taught by professional engravers. Here the student is introduced to the basic wriggle and wheat stalk patterns of engraving. Depending on skill levels the student will practice for several hours getting the feel of the tools and cutting of the metal.
sawing mountings for spursJPGOnce the spurs are assembled the student creates overlay mountings for the spurs and draws patterns. The patterns are transferred to nickel silver sheet and cut with a jewelers saw.
soldering mountings to spursOnce the overlay mountings are sawn and filed to final shape the student is taught how to solder them to the spurs. This student had never used a torch but after a brief lesson was able to complete the mounting process.
students first buckleThe buckle making part of the school incorporates all the same skills learned during the spur making part of the school. Again form and function is discussed to help the student create a buckle they can use. This is the first buckle made and shows how the student’s eye for detail resulted in nice two piece ranger set.
Students first pair of spursThe finished pair of spurs is the first pair the student ever made. The design is based on what they think a nice spur should look like. There is a discussion about form and function during the design stage to assist in achieving a pair of spurs they can be proud to own.

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