Spur Making

Working spurs completed by Jeff Fisher during the three day spur making school.

Working spurs completed by Jeff Fisher during the three day spur making school.

Rocking W Spurs owner Charles Wendt is a retired Industrial Arts teacher and has spent several years teaching students in his public school classes the skills and art of spur making for class projects. In his private spur making classes, each student will receive individual assistance while building their own pair of spurs:

  • design
  • materials selections
  • fabricating principals
  • finishing techniques
  • the process of mounting overlays to spurs

Each student will have an opportunity when they complete the class to have a finished pair of spurs to show for their effort. All materials will be provided for the class and each student will have access to the equipment needed to make a two piece spur.

With over 20 years of spur making experience to draw from, the students will have a chance to learn some of the “tricks” of the trade and see some of the jigs and use the tools needed to make their own pair of spurs.

The schools work best with one student or a maximum of two students as space and individual instruction is limited.  Each student needs to make arrangements for rooms and their morning and evening meal.  The noon meal will be provided.  For more information contact us to schedule a class for spur making.

Classes are scheduled to fit both my schedule and the student’s schedule.   We will work to find dates that are agreeable.  Contact us at 512-557-2229 or charles@rockingwspurs.com for dates and times of your class.

The classes includes all the material needed to make one pair of spurs, use of the tools in spur making, and hands on one on one instructions to make your pair of spurs.