Buckle School News

Spring is a good time to visit the Texas hill country and enjoy the nice weather, warm but mild temperatures and the wild flowers in bloom. Spring is also a good time to enroll in the Rocking W Spurs two days buckle making school. Come to Llano, Texas and learn the process of buckle making covering both the ranger style and the trophy buckles. You will get hands on experience making a buckle you design in class. Each step in the process of making a buckle is explained in detail and then a demonstration is given to show the student how the techniques discussed are applied in the buckle making process. Each student will be shown various methods of fabricating their buckle and different tools that could be used in the process will be discussed.

Those wanting to sign up for the buckle making school should do so before summer gets here as I often don’t offer schools in the summer as it can be too hot to work comfortably in the shop. Although the shop is air conditioned and insulated I often work abbreviated days during the hottest part of the summer or work split days starting early in the morning taking a break during the heat of the day and working again in the evening hours.

The school will cover the mounting of designs and brands on your buckle and a short course in basic engraving processes. As engraving is a complete school of its own I try to give you enough simple instructions so you can enhance your finished buckle.

Come visit our shop and enjoy one of our schools.