Rocking W Spurs offers a choice of a three-day spur making school, a two-day buckle making school, a one-day jewelry making school. For those inclined to do combination schools, we can combine any two or you take all three.  Charles Wendt, a retired Industrial Arts teacher has used spur making, buckle making, and jewelry making as a teaching tool in the public school system. The schools are designed to help the student understand the importance of form and function and are structured around the concept that a person learns faster and better if they get to perform the task and get the feel of the tools while working. In each of the schools, Charles will make either a buckle, a pair of spurs, or a piece of jewelry along with the student to demonstrate each of the procedures and techniques needed to complete the task. The student then under his guidance will perform the same task as they work to complete either their spurs, buckle, or jewelry.

The schools are designed to allow the student to have a completed pair of spurs, buckle, or jewelry project at the end of the class. All materials are provided along with the tools to complete each project. The student will be taken through the design steps, with each of the various parts of the spurs, buckle, and jewelry project explained along with an explanation of how altering their shape will influence the outcome of the finished project. The fabrication steps provide insight into the different methods that can be used to achieve the desired finished project. It is here the design becomes the actual item the student is building. The finishing steps will include the process of mounting the spurs or buckle with various types of metal overlays, making jewelry components to complete the jewelry project. In the finishing steps, the student will be able to select from several finishing options and get a chance to try their selected finishing process.

If you are looking for an opportunity to learn something new either for a vocation or a hobby, please go to our contact page and sign up for the school of your choice. We do not have predetermined dates for our schools. We will work with the student to select dates that fit into both of our schedules. Normally the schools are booked 30 to 45 days in advance. I like to limit the schools to no more than two students at a time due to space and work station constraints. It is good if you have some selected dates in mind when you contact us as that will be the first thing we need to consider.

I occasionally bring in a guest instructor and we do special one-day schools on metal stamp making and the stamping process.  We are also  looking at doing some special one and two-day jewelry classes.  These classes are normally open to 5 or 6 students at one time.