Helping Pass Spurs from Father to Son

Western SpursSometimes we find a pair of spurs that really are nice and we like to ride and use them just because they fit or feel great.  Sometimes a pair of spurs are special because the belonged to a family member or loved one.   We would like to wear and use them but don’t want to damage or lose them.  Sometimes spurs have a special meaning because of who built them and we want to preserve that memory.  The spurs shown in these photos are an example of all of the above.

Western SpursThe original spurs belonged to a gentleman’s father and his father had started making a matching pair for his son.  The original spurs were made from a horse drawn hay rake tooth and flat metal.  They were not fancy but functional.  The gentleman’s father passed away before the spurs could be finished.  The heel bands had been bent,  the shanks formed and welded to the heel bands.  They laid around for years and last fall I was asked to finish them and make them as close to the originals as possible.  It was an interesting process as it became obvious everything was done by forge work, hand tools and files.  The spurs were finished and the gentleman’s initials added to the heel band as can be seen in the second photograph.  It is a pleasure to take on projects like these spurs and hand to someone a little piece of their history for them to enjoy.