saved-photos-031A belt buckle can just be a tool used to hold up your pants or it can be a wearable piece of art that makes a statement about who you are what you are proud of.

If does not matter if it is an oval or rectangle trophy buckle or a 2 or 3 piece ranger buckle set, all of our handcrafted one of kind unique buckle sets are designed and built to make a positive statement about you.

100_1048A handmade Texas Ranger style buckle set with silver over lay can be made to fit any belt size and can be designed make a statement about you. A steel buckle with a brown finish makes the silver mounting stand out. These buckle sets make great gifts for the person, man or woman that is hard to buy for. We build our buckles from cold roll mild steel “sweet iron” and over lay them with your choice of copper, nickle silver or sterling silver. Our finishing techniques include browning or a French gray finish. There are several options for edge treatment from simple rope to fancier designs. We can overlay your initials, brand or a design of your selection.

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